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Our Bible College


Dynamic Words Discipleship College is The King’s House affiliate Bible College. DWDC is an inter-denominational Bible and Leadership Training Centre established in 1998 to challenge, equip and empower Christians to live contagious, relevant and fruitful lives in Church and in society.

The vision and training programme of DWDC is based on three fundamental precepts:

1.) To develop each student’s ability to sustain an intimate relationship with God and unconditional love for humanity. We call this the RELATIONSHIP CONVICTION.

2.) To empower and motivate each students to serve God passionately and help mankind generously with their gifts and talents. We call this the STEWARDSHIP CONVICTION.

3.) To prepare students to be wholesome, secure and resourceful, so that they can judiciously maximise resources, skilfully transmit God’s vision and prudently direct His people. We call this the LEADERSHIP CONVICTION.

Please follow this link to the full Bible College website at:

Reasons to Consider DWDC:

Here are seven reasons why you should prayerfully consider coming to DWDC:

1. To deepen your personal relationship with God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

2. To discover your gifts and callings, and know your rightful place in the Body of Christ.

3. To understand and embrace the principles and virtues of Biblical Christianity.

4. To learn principles of integrity, honesty and transparency before God and men.

5. To discover, develop and internalise your mission and purpose in life.

6. To develop ways and strategies of being spiritually, socially and morally relevant in your area of influence.

7. To develop fervent commitment as a disciple of Jesus Christ and constant effectiveness as a leader in the Church or in the workplace.

DWDC is unique because:

  • It is a melting pot for Christians from a variety of cultural back-grounds and church affiliations.
  • It has a teaching staff of well seasoned and experienced Pastors, Ministers and Lecturers who are excelling in their unique areas of ministry.
  • It has a caring and vibrant student life.
  • It is extremely affordable!!!

Please follow this link to the full Bible College website at: