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Our Leaders and Ministry Teams

Tony PetersTP3

Tony has a deep love for the integrity of God’s Word and a vision to see the local church empowered to serve their community, one person at a time.

Because he has proven God’s Word to be true and dependable in his own life, he passionately teaches that God’s Word works. He has a way of bringing the bible to life as he encourages believers everywhere he goes, that God has a good future in store for them.

The passion and the simplicity with which he teaches is also reflected in several inspiring books and study resources he has written and published over the years.

In addition to being the senior Pastor of The King’s House, Tony is the principal of Dynamic Words Discipleship College – which he founded in 1998. Tony and his wife (Shola) are blessed with two adult children who are both involved in the ministry at The King’s House.

Shola Peters

Shola has a love for practical wisdom from God’s Word. Her insightful teachings on the wisdom of God for every aspect of life are so simple to understand, yet life transforming.

Shola is also very passionate about wholesome relationships and has a desire to see people have strong and healthy relationships with their spouse and children. She believes that relationship challenges are solvable and married life is meant to be enjoyable.

She also teaches and ministers healing to the broken hearted and to the sick.

As well as being a co-pastor with her husband, she oversees the administration of the church and the Bible College.


Other Ministry Teams

The Resource team is responsible for providing and selling balanced Bible-based literature and other edifying resources and materials to members and visitors. The team maintains a wide variety of spiritually uplifting resources at the bookshop in the foyer.

The Building Management team is responsible for opening and closing the building for church services, social functions and community events. They are also help to maintain equipment and safety in the building.

The Care team is responsible for receiving and warmly welcoming our first time visitors after each service and helping to lead people to Christ when an altar call is made. They also look out for the welfare of members and attendees.

The Finance team is responsible for collating and counting the offerings received during each service, whilst maintaining confidentiality and an attitude of thanksgiving to God.

The Greeters are responsible for welcoming visitors and members at the entrance of the Church as they come in for the Service.

The Hospitality team is responsible for organizing and oversees the distribution of refreshments served during or after church services.

The Outreach team is responsible for organizing and leading on Community Outreach programmes.

The Ushering team is responsible for welcoming and seating all attendees, ensuring that the service runs smoothly and orderly.

The Sanctuary Care team is responsible for organizing and maintaining the cleanliness and tidiness of the sanctuary, ensuring and encouraging everyone to keep the building beautiful.

The Sound team is responsible for being sound engineers for each service, also recording sermons for attendees to purchase.

The Sunday School and Youth club Team is responsible for teaching the young people God’s Word and nurturing them in the faith to enable them serve God and the community with their gifts.

The Worship team is responsible for leading the congregation during times of praise and worship. The team also performs special numbers for various occasions.