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Questions for the Book of Acts

(Meditate, Answer & Apply.)

Acts 1
– What did Jesus say the Holy Spirit was suppose to do for the disciples?
– What did the two angels tell the disciples about Jesus on Mount Olive?

Acts 2
– How many different languages (tongues) where spoken on the day of Pentecost?
– What did Peter say we need to do to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit?

Acts 3
– What did Peter say was responsible for the lame man’s healing?
– If you summarise Peter’s whole sermon into one sentence, what will it be?

Acts 4
– Why did the rulers of the people marvel at the boldness of Peter & John?
– After the disciples were released, what 3 things did they ask God to do for them?
– What important trend did Barnabas start in the early Church? Why?

Acts 5
– What did you learn from the deaths of Ananias & Sapphira?
– What happened on the night the Sadducees arrest the Apostles again?

Acts 6
– Why did the leaders of the early Church not want to spend their time distributing food to upset widows?
– What happened to the Church after 7 members of the Church helped to carry the burden of serving food?

Acts 7
– What was Moses thinking when he killed the Egyptian who was maltreating an Israelite?
– How old was Moses when God appeared to him in the burning bush?
– What did Stephen see just before he was stoned and killed by the spiritual leaders of the day?

Acts 8
– Why do you think that Paul was so negative and militant against the Church?
– Although persecution scattered the believers living in Jerusalem, a number of good things came out of it. What were they?
– How many times did Philip receive clear directions and experience personal miracles in this chapter?

Acts 9
– Why do you think God chose an unknown disciple (Ananias) to to pray for Saul when He could have chosen any of the 12 Apostles?
– What was Saul eager to do immediately after he was saved and baptised? Why?
– How did Peter know what to do after he got to Dorcas’ funeral?

Acts 10
– Why did God send an angel to Cornelius before he became a believer in Jesus? What does that tell you about God’s attitude towards people who are searching?
– What was the meaning of Peter’s vision? How does it apply to us today?
– Cornelius and his family received the baptism of the Holy Spirit the day they got saved. Why doesn’t that happen more regularly today?

Acts 11
– Why were members of the Circumcision Party upset with Peter?
– Summarise what Peter said in his defence.
– What was the effect of persecution on the disciples who escaped from Jerusalem? Explain.

Acts 12
– How did the early Church respond to the imprisonment of their leader?
– Do you think God can still send angels to rescue people today? What’s the reason for your answer?
– What lessons can you take away from what happened to Herod?

Acts 13
– The Apostles often felt the need to judge evil people with the power of God. Should we be doing that today? Why or why not?
– Why did the Apostles often go back into the Jewish history to prove that Jesus was the Messiah?
– What happened to the people when they understood the Good News (Paul brought) for the first time? What does that teach us today about preaching?

Acts 14
– What did the Lord grant to be done by the hands of Paul and Barnabas?
– What did Paul and Barnabas suffer greatly in Iconium for preaching the gospel?
– What did Paul perceive the cripple had while he was preaching the gospel?

Acts 15
– What was the great conflict in Acts 15 about?
– How was the conflict resolved and what were the main instructions from the Apostles to the Gentiles who believed?
– Whose testimony regarding the Gentiles helped to resolve the conflict?

Acts 16
– Why did Paul and his company not preach the gospel in Asia and Mysia?
– Why were Paul and Silas thrown into prison?
– What did Paul and Silas do at midnight while in prison and what was the result?

Acts 17
– What did the Berean Christians do after they listened to Paul’s preaching?
– What was the inscription on an alter that Paul found in Areopagus?
– What inspired the men of Athens to want to listen to Paul in the first place?

Acts 18
– What trade did Paul get into while he was in Corinth?
– What did the Lord say to Paul in a vision and how long did he stay in Corinth for?

Acts 19
– What question did Paul ask the disciples in Ephesus? And unto what did they say they were baptized?
– What did the disciples do after Paul had laid hands on them?
– What did the Bible say God did by the hands of Paul. And what were the results?

Acts 20
– What happened to the young man Eutychus while Paul was teaching in Troas? And what did Paul do?
– While talking to the elders in Ephesus how did Paul describe how he lived amongst them?
– What did Paul say the Holy Spirit testified in every city about him? Did this deter him?

– What did Paul say he did not shun to do? What did Paul say the Word of God is able to do?

Acts 21
– What did Prophet Agabus say would happen to the man whose belt he was holding. Whose belt was it?
– What did Paul say he was willing to do the Name of the Lord Jesus?

Acts 22
– What language did Paul speak that quieted the people?
– In what two ways did Saul persecute “the way” before he became a Christian?
– Whose voice called to Saul on the road and what did the voice say to him.

Acts 23
– What noted difference between the Sadducees and Pharisees did Paul use to bring division amongst the Council ?
– Who appeared to Paul the following night and what did He say to him?

Acts 24
– What did Paul say he exercised to have always toward God and toward man?
– What accusations were brought against Paul by his accusers?
– What did Felix listen to Paul talk about and what effect did it have on him?

Acts 25
– What did The Jews plan to do if Paul had been taken to Jerusalem?
– What three things did Paul say he had not offended against?
– Why did Festus bring Paul before King Agrippa?

Acts 26
For what purpose did the Lord say He appeared unto Paul?
What was the Lord’s mission for Paul?
What did Paul say He witnessed to both small and great?
What did King Agrippa say Paul almost did?
Acts 27
What did Paul say he perceived about the voyage and what was the centurion’s response?
What was Paul’s reference to the angel that stood before him and what did he say the angel of the Lord said unto him?
What did Paul say he believed?
What did the soldiers plan to do to the prisoners and who prevented it and why?
Acts 28
What happened to Paul while laying sticks on fire; what conclusion did the natives come to; and what did the native think of Paul because he came to no harm?
What was wrong with Publius’ father and what did Paul do to him? What happened as a result?
How many years did Paul live in Rome in his own hired house and what was he doing?