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At the King’s House we have a thriving program for children and teenagers up to the age of 16!


Royal Jewels (3 – 5yrs)

We believe in training our precious jewels up in the Word of God from a young age so that they have a strong foundation. Our focus in this class is to teach from the Bible in a fun and interactive way. We keep the kids engaged with animated bible stories, sing-a-longs and creative activities. We know just how much our kids like to play, so we ensure every lesson is mixture of fun and learning!

Royal Arrows (6-8 yrs)

We focus on developing the spiritual growth of each child in the class, building on his/her confidence by giving them the opportunity to develop spiritually, socially, intellectually, physically and emotionally.

Each child is given the opportunity to pray and share testimonies during the class. Within the context of teaching we also endeavour to undertake practical activities to give the children a better understand of their learning styles.

Royal Creation (9 – 10 yrs)

Elementary school classroomIn the Royal Creation we encourage each child to build a solid relationship with God. They are at an inquisitive stage and we encourage them to interact and have healthy discussions about issues that are important to their age group. We also encourage the children to share testimonies, pray and read their bibles daily. Using teaching methods such as learning through song and performing arts, we have been able to ensure that every child is engaging and gaining new knowledge from the sessions.

Royal Recruits (11-13 yrs)

Good musicWe are the Royal Recruits of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Our mission is to continue to grow daily in the knowledge of our God. We pray and aspire to become tomorrow’s world-changers for Christ and to reach other kids of our age for Christ.**

Royal Champions (14-16 yrs)

Our mission is to establish the Word of God into the hearts of each young person in this class and to encourage them towards spiritual maturity. We teach on topics such as identity, peer-pressure, and stewardship in order to prepare the teenagers for adulthood.


Youth club takes place every Friday night at 7.30 pm. The youth enjoy movie nights, topical discussions, and performing arts (for those interested in singing, dancing or acting). The youth club is open to 11 – 18 year olds. 


Six children sitting on the floor looking at camera